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In the realm of assisted reproductive technology, IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) treatment has provided hope for couples struggling with infertility. With the constant advancements in medical technology, considerable progress has been made in refining IVF techniques. One such ground-breaking innovation is EmbryoScope Plus, an innovative technology that has recently garnered attention in the field of IVF. In this article, we will explore what EmbryoScope Plus is, how it works, and the advantages it offers in the field of IVF.

What Is EmbryoScope Plus?

EmbryoScope Plus represents an advanced embryo monitoring system utilised during IVF treatment.

Unlike traditional methods where embryos are assessed periodically under a microscope outside the controlled laboratory environment, EmbryoScope Plus offers the capability of continuous monitoring.

This breakthrough technology employs high-resolution cameras and specialised software to track and record the intricate development of embryos 24/7.

With EmbryoScope Plus, fertility specialists can meticulously observe crucial stages such as cellular division, morphological changes, and overall embryo quality, thus enhancing the evaluation process.

Advantages Of EmbryoScope Plus In IVF Treatment

EmbryoScope Plus offers several notable advantages, revolutionising the way IVF treatment is conducted:

1. Enhanced Development Monitoring With Unprecedented Precision

EmbryoScope Plus technology enables constant monitoring of embryo development, providing a comprehensive view of the growth process.

Unlike the traditional method of sporadic assessments, this innovative system records the complete developmental journey of each embryo.

This comprehensive data allows fertility specialists to gain valuable insights into the embryo’s cellular division, morphology, and overall health.

With this enhanced understanding, they can make informed decisions regarding the selection of the most viable embryos for transfer, significantly improving the chances of a successful pregnancy.

2. Minimised Risk And Increased Safety For Embryos

With EmbryoScope Plus, embryos can be monitored and evaluated within the laboratory setting, minimising their exposure to external factors and potential risks associated with transport.

Unlike traditional methods that necessitate removing embryos from the controlled environment for assessment, EmbryoScope Plus ensures a safe and stable environment for their continued development.

This reduced manipulation and enhanced safety can positively impact the overall success rates of IVF treatment.

3. Objective Selection Of The Most Viable Embryos

EmbryoScope Plus introduces a higher level of objectivity in the process of embryo selection.

By continuously monitoring embryos and capturing detailed information about their development, fertility specialists gain a more comprehensive understanding of each embryo’s quality and potential.

This technology allows for a precise evaluation of morphological features, facilitating the identification of genetically normal embryos with higher implantation potential.

As a result, the chances of successful IVF outcomes can be significantly increased.

EmbryoScope Plus At Sago IVF Team North Cyprus

EmbryoScope Plus represents a remarkable leap forward in the field of IVF treatment. Its innovative features, such as continuous monitoring, enhanced safety for embryos, and objective embryo selection, are transforming the landscape of assisted reproductive technology.

The utilisation of EmbryoScope Plus empowers fertility specialists to make well-informed decisions and optimise the chances of successful pregnancy for couples seeking to start a family.

With its remarkable potential and ongoing advancements, EmbryoScope Plus continues to shape the future of IVF treatment and pave the way for higher success rates, ultimately bringing new hope to countless individuals and couples struggling with infertility.

Sago IVF Team are proud to be at the forefront of innovative fertility solutions and achieving the highest success rates. It is one of only two clinics in North Cyprus that have EmbryoScope Plus within their own inventory.

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