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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing treatment is one of the most promising and fastest-growing fertility treatment trends for women who wish to preserve their chances of having a baby.

The ability to have children when the time feels right rather than when the biological clock dictates, is the reason millions of women decide to freeze their eggs.

The technology that allows women to preserve their fertility has changed the course of reproductive health and leaves many feeling more empowered and less anxious.

The Sago IVF Team is at the forefront of offering egg freezing solutions in North Cyprus and claim many women who have used their frozen eggs to complete their family.


Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation is one way of preserving a woman’s fertility so she can try to have a family in the future.

Over the past two decades, this technique has revolutionised how and when women can have children.

It involves collecting a woman’s eggs from the ovary, freezing and storing them so that they can be thawed later on and used in fertility treatment.


There are several reasons to consider egg freezing:

  • You would like to preserve your eggs now for future use: There are many women who are currently not ready but may want to have a baby at some point in the future. Since ovarian reserve and the quality of eggs decline with advancement of age, egg freezing allows such women to preserve healthy eggs and use them for assisted reproductive treatment when they are ready to do so.
  • You require treatment for cancer or another illness: Treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and ovarian surgery may affect the ability to become pregnant. Freezing eggs before starting treatment provides a chance at biological children in the future. You
  • You have a family history of early menopause: Some genetic conditions can increase the risk of primary ovarian insufficiency, the clinical term for when ovaries do not produce as many follicles as is typical in a person who is under 40.


Before determining whether any patient is a recommended candidate for egg freezing, at Sago IVF Centre the process starts with an initial health screening to rule out life-threatening conditions and infectious diseases.

The patient will be required to undergo blood tests as well as a transvaginal ultrasound. These tests estimate the number of eggs in your ovaries that can be collected for freezing.

The results of these tests and further medical history provided by a patient will assist the Sago Team fertility specialist to provide a full assessment and develop a tailored treatment plan if applicable.


The egg freezing treatment process is very similar to the initial steps a patient undergoes during an IVF cycle.

  1. If egg freezing is a viable treatment solution for you, a Sago Team fertility specialist will prescribe medications that stimulate the ovaries to produce egg-containing follicles.
  2. Sago Team will monitor the progress of developing follicles. When the eggs are mature, one of our embryologists will carefully perform the egg recovery procedure at the Sago IVF Clinic.
  3. The Sago IVF Team adopts the vitrification process for the eggs, a fast-freezing rather than slow-freeze technique that offers improved survival chances.
  4. The frozen eggs are stored at our secure onsite Sago IVF storage facility in North Cyprus. They can be thawed for fertilisation if and when you want to attempt pregnancy.


The cost of the egg freezing treatment process is made up of the following stages:

  1. The initial medications provided to boost egg production and help them to mature,
  2. The egg collection and freezing procedure,
  3. The cost associated with storage of the frozen eggs,
  4. Thawing eggs and transferring them to the womb.

For further details about the egg freezing process and costing, you can directly contact one of our trained Patient Coordinators now.

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